By: Tanaya Winder

Denver, Colorado – After just finishing his Residency at the Denver Art Museum, artist Gregg Deal continues to fill the Denver Metro area with new, eye-catching, social and political art geared at creating dialogue. Only this time, the conversations take place outside of the walls of a museum.

If you haven’t driven though Downtown Denver, make sure to pay a visit to 2151 Larimer Street where you’ll find the text “Rise Together” written above Bernie Sanders’ image. Just blocks from Coors Stadium, home of the Colorado Rockies where baseball is hailed as an iconic All-American Sport, this mural raises awareness about Americanism in this time of election and voting. With the Colorado Caucus just days away, some can’t help but ask: what do we stand for? Better yet, what are we willing to rise for?

Bernie Sanders Mural Timelapse from Gregg Deal on Vimeo.

Each population in the US is questioning who will be the candidate to best serve them and how does one support that candidate? For an Artist, Art is often the weapon to help raise awareness. For Gregg Deal, his talents and abilities are what he uses to show support: “This is a personal decision, and one that I am not afraid to be vocal about. On a personal level, Senator Sanders is the only candidate who is concerned about Indian Country. On a more general level, he is talking about helping people, fighting for working class, and casting aside corporate interests. These are the things that interest me as a human being, as a father and husband and as an artist. I am willing to put contribute my abilities and resources to support Bernie Sanders to be the next President of the United States. That and all the other candidates scare the living crap out of me.”

On February 24, 2016, Deal finished his wall high mural along with the help of crowded funded supplies and local supporters who came through to assist in the production. The mural will be up for as long as it is needed to continue to help raise awareness and support.