Denver, CO – In 2015, the Dream Warriors Management Company and artist collective was founded. This group of artists endeavored to create a scholarship for young Indigenous artists intent on pursuing the arts beyond high school graduation. This year, they awarded their 2nd annual scholarship recipient to Breanna Green.

The scholarship asks applicants to describe what it means to be a “Dream Warrior?” Breanna Green wrote, “To me, a dream warrior is someone who brings healing and beauty to the world while doing something that they love. A dream warrior is someone who brings dreams to life.”

She went on to share a personal story, “As an artist, I always imagine how my art will affect other people. At the end of my sophomore year, our Ojibwe language teacher at South High School left and a new teacher took his place. The new Ojibwe teacher only filled in for two months but he had already built a solid relationship with his students. At the end of year, he told us he wasn’t going to be our teacher for the following year. As a going away gift, I had painted him a piece of how I interpreted his Indian name. When I gifted him the painting, I seen how much of an impact art can have on people’s lives. He was in tears when he told me how much that single painting changed his view on the world. It was one of the best things to see how someone can react so positively to my art. I don’t only envision how my art will impact people but I live and experience it every day. Practicing art is medicine in itself. I want to use my art as a tool to teach people about my culture. I want to teach people that Native people aren’t just basic stereotypes you see in the media. I see future generations remembering who they are as Native people. Our people will find themselves through art.”

Each artist voted unanimously to select Green. In describing her artistry, Mic Jordan said, “She has an incredible ability to tell amazing stories through her paintings.” The Dream Warriors collective is excited to support Green and to help share her beautiful artwork and stories.

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