Photos by Marcus Frejo

Photos by Marcus Frejo

Native Boy Productions’ latest flick, VIOLET, will be making its festival debut at the Red Fork Native American Film Festival in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A FREE screening will take place on Saturday, February 28th at 3:45PM, and will be followed by a Q&A session with the director and cast.

Premiering on January 11, 2015 to a sold out crowd at the Harkins Theater in Oklahoma City, VIOLET proved to be a frightful delight! Although the cast is predominantly Native, this is not your typical Native film. It is directed to a more diverse audience and takes the cast away from both the Rez and Hollywood Native typecasts, which is a very smart decision because it shows Natives as every day, contemporary people.

The story centers around a young couple, Michael and Kerry Harold (Delno Ebie & Happy Frejo), who start experiencing frightening and unexplainable occurrences in their new home after discovering an old briefcase belonging to Michael’s father, Sam Harold (Jeff S. Anderson), who worked at a psychiatric hospital before it was shut down. Inside the briefcase, Michael and Kerry discover leg restraints, a creepy ceramic doll, and a VHS tape documenting the treatment of a psychiatric patient, named Violet (Kelly Sumpter). Soon after the discovery of this briefcase, strange things begin to happen around their home. Kerry is plagued by intense nightmares and visions that leave her paranoid and terrified, which causes Michael to start investigating the contents of the briefcase in order to save her sanity. As the unexplainable occurrences escalate and Michael uncovers more of the mystery surrounding the contents of his father’s briefcase, the truth becomes more sinister and terrifying than one could possibly imagine.

Now, I love horror films and I am not easily rattled by these kind of movies, but then there’s VIOLET.  I am not ashamed to admit that twice I caught myself squealing and almost grabbing the lady sitting next to me. The heart pumping, scream inducing nature of this clever film by Mark D. Williams threw me completely off guard. I have not been this excited or frightened by a film in a very long time.

Everything about this movie is completely on point. The story, cast, dialogue, music, and cinematography all work together to create such a memorable and terrifying film. It is definitely a must see.

So if you’re in Tulsa this Saturday, stop by the Red Fork Native American Film festival and show your support for Native Boy Productions and the wonderful cast and crew behind this amazing film. For more information visit:

A psychological thriller written and directed by Mark D. Williams tell the story of an escaped mental patient and the dark secrets surrounding her death. Starring Delno Ebie, Happy Frejo, Jeff S. Anderson and Kelly Sumpter. Also introducing Bill Brewer, Joe Mackey, Braylon Dean Colbert, Jonnie Parnell, Debbi Tucker and Jamie Loy.

A Native Boy Productions film in association with E.F. Productions. Post Sound by Hanon Sound. Music composed by Cory Perschbacher. Edited by Mark D. Williams.