“If you are interested in learning about the vertebrate fossils, natural history and Native culture and traditions of the Basin and Range Province of North America, this scientific expedition is for you.”

The Native Explorers Program is now accepting applications for their 2016 summer program that will allow participants the opportunity to explore “two unique eco-regions within the Basin and Range Province of North America: Central Basin and Range (Great Basin Desert) and Mojave Basin and Range (Mojave Desert). Participants will be working side by side with native research scientists to gain an out-of-the classroom experience and hands-on understanding of the vertebrate paleontology and natural history of the regions.

The program will run from May 23 – June 3, 2016. The deadline for application materials and letter of support is March 15, 2016 (received). Participants accepted to the program will be notified by email by April 15, 2016.

Requirements for participation are as follows:
• 18 years of age (minimum)
• Enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe
• Earned high school diploma, equivalent (e.g., GED) or approval of selection committee at time of participation in program
• Good academic background (grades and service). Grades will be considered but will not be a limiting factor for a successful applicant
• Interest in learning, especially sciences and medicine
• Active member of affiliated tribe (traditional). Individuals lacking this criteria but interested in learning traditional ways may be considered
• Letter of reference from an academic instructor
• Applicant is responsible for transportation to and from OSU-CHS
• Physician’s release form signed by licensed physician (for selected participants only)

Again, the deadline to apply is March 15, 2016.

By participating in this program, students are exposed to careers in graduate and medical programs, federal programs and state agencies. They will also be able to earn 3 hours of college credit.

For additional information, contact the Native Explorers Foundation at www.nativeexplorers.org/apply-today, or contact Kresta Lofton, at (580) 436-2603, ext. 60906.