The Black River Chronicles

WINDSOR, Ontario — A new book for teenagers and adults has been launched by Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. ( in the genre of fantasy and speculative fiction. The Black River Chronicles: Level One, is the first book in a planned series featuring The Black River Academy for Swordcraft and Spellcraft. A fantasy adventure novel, The Black River Chronicles promises to be an engaging read for aficionados of this intriguing style of fiction, especially as a dose of humor is also included.

The book is written by the author of fantasy novels including Giant Thief, Crown Thief, and Prince Thief, David Tallerman, and co-author Michael Wills. In a story involving magic, danger, and deception, the reader meets wizards, rangers, fighters, rogues, and humanoids called rat-people, practically from the outset.

The Black River Chronicles was launched on Amazon on October 12, 2016, and is available for download to Kindle for just $0.99 USD until October 31 only. The novel is described by Michael as a “fantasy adventure novel for teens to adventurous grown-ups.”

Durren Flintrand

The novel tells the story of Durren, a ranger, who is receiving the prerequisite ranger training at The Black River Academy to be able to venture on missions and quests. Durren is unexpectedly called to join an expedition party in a team of four before his level one training has been completed. The reader learns that the expedition will involve Durren, along with his companions: a wizard, a fighter, and a rogue. The reader quickly becomes aware that Durren has a secret and is intentionally keeping a low-profile at the Academy, not doing as well as he could during archery practice and training; but the reason why is not immediately revealed. We also learn that Durren will be accompanied by an observer, which turns out to be a floating leathery eyeball that fits in the palm of a hand.

The story is described by fantasy giant Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms, as “a powder keg of ambitious students being sent on actual adventuring missions…The book is a lot of fun…It tells a great tale that comes to a satisfying ending, with magic, danger, deception, adventure, and friendships.”

Adrian Tchaikovsky, Arthur C Clarke Award winner and author of the critically acclaimed The Shadows of the Apt, describes Level One as, “A fast-moving and energetic fantasy, packed with humor and magic.”

The Black River Chronicles: Level One is the first in the series and there are hints that the fun will most certainly be followed by more books.

The novel has been published by Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. Located in LaSalle, Ontario, Canada. Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. focuses on science-fiction, fantasy, and horror fiction; publishing stories, anthologies, and novels through Amazon Kindle and in print.

The Black River Chronicles: Level One is available for Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and in paperback from Amazon worldwide (here).

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