October 21st, 2015 is a day that geeks worldwide have been waiting for since November 22, 1989. We’ve watched and waited as the years ticked by to see how closely our society would resemble the 2015 that Marty McFly experienced in Back to the Future II.

In the movie, self-lacing shoes, hoverboards, Pepsi Perfect, flying cars, holofilms aka 3D films, tablets and much more were all the rage. While not everything in the film has come into fruition, it’s safe to say that dehydrated Pizza Hut Pizzas might not be that far-fetched given how many of the predictions in the film are now part of our every day lives. Flat screen TVs, video conferencing, Google glass, and Florida’s MLB teams are just a few of the predictions for 2015 that have come true. Even the infamous hoverboard exists, although it doesn’t work if someone is actually trying to use it.

And now, to help commemorate the Back to the Future franchise’s 30 year Anniversary, we will now be able to experience 3 more amazing creations from the BTTF2 universe. Nike will be releasing a shoe inspired by the auto-lacing shoes of the movie. Sadly, they won’t be auto-lacing or replicas of Marty’s shoes, but that won’t stop the legion of fans that have been clamoring for a pair of these shoes since 1989. Pepsi will also be releasing a limited run of Pepsi Perfect. They will only be releasing 6,500 bottles on October 21st that will come with a special movie inspired packaging and each 16.9 oz bottle will retail for $20.15.

Pepsi unveils a series of themed advertisements in celebration of Pepsi Perfect and the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future. (PRNewsFoto/PepsiCo)

Pepsi unveils a series of themed advertisements in celebration of Pepsi Perfect and the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future. (PRNewsFoto/PepsiCo)

In an unlikely turn of events, it is also possible that this COULD be the year that the Cubs win the World Series. Of all the predictions made in BTTF2, this was one of the least likely considering it has been 107 years since the Cubs last won the World Series.

Not to be outdone, Universal Studios has released a trailer for Jaws 19. It may not be in holofilm form, but it is still very exciting and amusing!  Watch the trailer and be thankful that the Jaws franchise stopped when it did. After watching, head over to our FB page and Twitter and let us know how you will be celebrating October 21st or what BTTF2 product you’re excited to get your hands on.

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