LOS ANGELES – Award-winning emotional wellness app Stop, Breathe & Think announced the launch of their children’s mindfulness app Stop, Breathe & Think Kids for ages 5-10. The free app features customized content and activities based on user emotions and provides tools to help children develop mindfulness and emotional awareness. Stop Breathe & Think Kids offers an easy and fun way for kids to identify and process their emotions through emoji based check-ins, games, and stickers to reward them on their progress.

Co-Founded in 2015 by Julie Campistron and Jamie Price, Stop, Breathe & Think is a top rated app with over 2.6M organic downloads and over 230,000 Monthly Active Users. The company’s mission is make emotional wellness as accessible and daily as physical exercise and make the world a little more peaceful and kind. “As parents, we want to raise our kids to be able to deal with whatever comes their way. Whether its mellowing out before bed, relating positively with others, or simply having a little peaceful moment,” says Co-Founder and CEO Julie Campistron. To develop the activities and games in the app Stop, Breathe & Think partnered with activity-based mindfulness expert and author of The Mindful Child and Mindful Games, Susan Kaiser Greenland. “Stop Breathe & Think Kids activities were developed in such a way to take advantage of what’s happening with kids developmentally in the 5-10 age range. While they are paying attention, they’re also moving, sometimes shaking, they’re listening to sounds, they’re keying into their sensory experiences in their bodies and in their minds at the same time. While they’re at it they’re developing a big heart of kindness, compassion, and self compassion,” says Greenland.

Stop Breathe & Think Kids starts with an intro video for parents providing five helpful tips to navigate the app. A range of interactive ‘Missions’ are recommended for kids based on their emotional check-in. Animated videos with original characters engage users in segments lasting 5 minutes or less with themes such as Quiet, Focus, Caring and Connecting and Sleep. Guided activities including Butterfly Body Scan, Imaginary Hugs & Peaceful Place, Shake it Up, and Counting Breaths are among the initial 16 free mindful segments for every situation. Kids earn stars and stickers upon completing their “Missions’ which are added to their very own sticker wall to keep the activities engaging.

“The activities in this app are a great way for parents to spend time with their children and create a positive daily routine. We recommend that parents follow the activities along with their children, especially at first, but if they are older, they might want to start using the app on their own,” says Co-Founder and President Jamie Price. Stop Breathe & Think plans to add more Kids activities via a Premium IOS Subscription Membership this summer with the ability to create multiple accounts. The app will offer bundle packages including mindfulness content for both adults and kids providing personalized access and mindful programs for the whole family.

About Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think ‘s mission is to help the world find peace of mind anywhere. Its 5 star rated app, winner of the 2017 Webby People’s Voice Award for Health, is paving the way to everyday emotional wellness with customized content and activities based on user emotions. Co-Founded by Jamie Price and Julie Campistron, Stop, Breathe & Think has reached a large consumer appeal with over 2.6M organic downloads. Its personalized experience has been praised by users and media and has allowed the team to collect a wealth of emotional data, with over 7M emotional check-ins to date. Stop, Breathe & Think was born out of Tools for Peace (TFP), a non-profit dedicated to inspiring kindness and compassion in everyday life, teaching concrete skill development for at-risk youth and adults. 10% of Stop Breathe & Think ‘s net sales work to fund TFP and help further this mission. Download the App here: http://www.stopbreathethink.org

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