MINNEAPOLIS, MN March 24th, 2016—Missy Whiteman, writer, director and producer launched her Kickstarter campaign for her project The Coyote Way: (Going) Back Home is a short sci­fi/docu-­narrative film about a young boy named Charlie, who must make a life changing decision to either join a Native street gang or begin an epic pilgrimage that will reveal the truth of his existence.

In 2014, The Coyote Way: Going Back Home project was selected by the Sundance Native Lab Fellowship to help further develop the concept, story and script. Later that year, support from Jerome Foundation and Tiwahe Foundation helped move the film into production. In September of 2015, production commenced with a stellar cast and crew and wrapped principal photography in October of 2015.

This is where you become a part of The Coyote Way.

Now that production of the film is complete, and is now ready to move forward with post-production, such as editing, sound, original music score , animation and promotional materials. The final phase is to reach the goal of $10,000 Kickstarter to complete this short and powerful film. To assist in this process, we have secured fiscal sponsorship through InProgress, a small non-­profit in St. Paul Minnesota, so that your donation to the film will be tax deductible.

This project promises to break new ground with it’s unique cinematic style and add to the cultural conversation about the urban Native experience. The Kickstarter for THE COYOTE WAY: GOING BACK HOME launched March 24th and will end on April 23rd, 7:00AM CDT, and can be seen at:

The Coyote Way: Going Back Home Kickstarter Campaign

“I see this film as a means to document, preserve and revitalize Indigenous language and culture for future generations.” ­ Louis Whiteman

“My greatest Intention is for this film once it’s complete, is for it to reach as many people as possible and to ignite the fire of human transformation on many levels.” ­ Missy Whiteman

The film stars Louis Whiteman and Mikko Sampson at the head of an all Native American cast. ​​Principal photography took place in the Little Earth Housing Project and the surrounding Phillips Neighborhood in South Minneapolis, where the population is 50% Native American. The Twin Cities itself has a large concentration of Native American People from a multitude of tribes, and is home to nearly a third of Minnesota’s Indigenous people.

About The Author

MWhitemanHS_2015_croppedMissy Whiteman, ( Northern Arapahoe & Kickapoo Nations) is a writer, producer and director. She also works as a digital media consultant and youth educator through her production company, Independent Indigenous Film and Media. Her current films incorporate Indigenous languages, teachings, and values as a means of documentation, revitalization and preservation. Missy’s work has screened for audiences on intertribal reservations, local urban venues such as The Walker Art Center and Chicago American Indian Center, and internationally at the National Geographic All Roads Festival and places in Europe and overseas such as Bilbao, Spain.

“This is what I call my heart work, because it has been living in my heart and soul since 2012, when we decided to film the Concept Trailer to help gain visibility and support for production.”, says Missy Whiteman, Writer, director and producer of The Coyote Way: Going Back Home.