The Art of Jeff Slim

tumblr_mv36gn4u061qhy7vfo1_1280Realizing his true talent at a young age when he sold a drawing of Monument Valley to a tourist, Jeff Slim is constantly evolving his unique style of acrylic and aerosol paint into something greater.


DSC04366When did you know you wanted a career in art?
I sold my first drawing in third grade to a tourist in Monument Valley. It was a pencil drawing depicting the Monument Valley landscape. But my artwork didn’t generate steady income until a few years ago. Originally I wanted to be a comic book artist or an art teacher.

How have your original works evolved into what you create today?
The evolution of my work is based on personal experiences within my surroundings and the inspiring beings within that realm. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked amongst various groups of creative people. My works are constantly changing in subtle ways.

DSC05531What’s your inspiration when creating?
Personal interactions with people during conversations or during a paint session. Cultural stories as well as fictitious novels also play a large role in my work.

Do you consider yourself an established artist?
Not quite yet. I feel I haven’t fully grasped the marketing aspects that come with the artists’ profession. I know I’ve come a long way from when I rarely made an effort to network and get my work seen in galleries or on an outdoor wall.

Where can people view your current work?
I’ve been able to show my work in various locations in Phoenix, AZ, as well as throughout Arizona. Currently I will be showing paintings at GreenHAUS and I also have a solo show at Willo North Gallery, both located in Phoenix.

DSC04400In the next five years, what do you hope to accomplish?
My goal is to constantly evolve into something greater than before. Within these progressive moments I hope to learn more about myself and as well as my Dine culture by depicting personal interpretations of cultural stories that intertwine with the modern lifestyle.