In the soon to be released August issue of Native Max Magazine, Johnnie Jae interviews Ben G. and Niiko Soul of The Modern Fever. In anticipation of the upcoming issue, we thought we’d give you an early introduction to these talented First Nation musicians.


Mixing modern songwriting elements with classic rock and soul, The Modern Fever are poised to take the indie music scene by storm. They may not be the first retro throw-back band to come out of Canada, but they certainly put their own spin on it rather quickly. The band is comprised of Aboriginal artists Niiko Soul and Ben G who were both critically acclaimed, award winning solo artists featured on APTN as teens.

After collaborating on two songwriting projects for three other artists Niiko Soul and Ben decided to create a radio single to show their respective fans what they had been up to in the studio together. The track they created was the anthemic “Howl” which debuted on itunes the same week it burst onto the NCI Radio charts in Western Canada (March 2014). The single soon gained reviews in indie media outlets like ‘Scene Magazine’ and ‘Riff You’, calling the song a “hit” while drawing comparisons to bands like the Black Keys and The White Stripes.

The positive response helped encourage the duo to create more songs, and lead to the development their band ‘The Modern Fever’. With stylish lead guitar riffs, over booming bass and two lead vocalists: one behind the guitar the other on the drums.

Their first offering: the “Howl” E.P includes tracks such as ”Just Like That” and “All In Your Head”. Each song is chock-full of memorable guitar work and impressive harmonies. This band has a unique sound you won’t find anywhere else. One listen and we are sure you will agree.

The Modern Fever, Niiko Soul and Ben G. have been played on over 35 Radio Stations across Canada and reviewed in magazines around the world

Check out what other people are saying about the music:

“If you are a fan of music, you will appreciate the talent” – Vancity Buzz

There’s a level of maturity and emotion that is rarely heard in today’s mainstream music.“ – ZA!D,

A smooth, moody and strong debut. There is a voice of sincerity behind the mic.” – Franco Wissa, Hardrockhaven

Ben IS a great song writer.“ – Big Smile Magazine

“Getting rave reviews, magazines and media are talking about his music in quite the favorable light. After one listen it is clear to see why.” – Metal-Rules

Edgy and is accompanied by pleasantly surprising vocals.” – Peter Bremner, Sound Proof

original and almost interstellar, with a hint of Bowie dare I say it. The record is a sophisticated offering, measuring up to label quality releases.” – All Access Magazine.

A young and driven… going to delight your ears and eyes.” – Indie

About The Author

Johnnie Jae

Johnnie Jae is of the Otoe-Missouria and Choctaw tribes of Oklahoma. She is the managing partner of Native Max Magazine, founder of A Tribe Called Geek, and contributor to Native News Online. She is the manager and producer for the Success Native Style Radio Network, where she hosts the Indigenous Flame and A Tribe Called Geek radio shows. She is also a founding board member of Not Your Mascots.

Known as the “Brown Ball of Fury,” Jae seamlessly shifts from humor and pop culture to advocacy and digital media, which has made her a much-sought after speaker and commentator. Her work has been discussed in many media outlets, such as Indian Country Today, ATPN, CBC, USA Today, BBC, Global Post, Women’s E-News, and Upworthy. She has been a guest on several radio shows, including Native America Calling, Native Trailblazers, BBC World Have Your Say and ICI Radio.

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