Acclaimed London, Ontario-based Metis producer Niiko Soul and ChineseCanadian vocalist and songwriter The 3MPR355, together known as Trans-Pacific Noise Club, partner to create a collaborative, cutting edge, cross-cultural, East meets West project for the ages. The first Canadian project of its kind, ‘Liu Liu Liu,ʼ features vocals in Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese and English. The songs are built on top of a soundscape that is both colorful and eccentric as well as distinctly contemporary, featuring innovative production; mixing a variety of current sounds from the East and West. The lyrical content reflects the young, vibrant, creative cultures and lifestyles of todayʼs youth on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. The hard-hitting first single ‘Tick Tick Boom,ʼ was released in March of 2016 with very little expectation. The song went on to be picked up by Sirius Satellite Radio internationally and is streamed in countries across the world. It also became one of the first songs, performed in Cantonese, to receive airplay on a Top 40 radio station in Canada. A majority of the project was conceived after Soul spent the summer of 2017 residing in China. With no blueprint to go off of, this project creates a new identity all its own. Although the project kicked off with a lot of passion, paired with a lot of unknowns, it has developed a clear purpose and sense of importance.


The duoʼs first multi-track project ‘Liù Liù Liùʼ (EP) dropped on Tuesday, January 31, 2017. The project includes the debut single ‘Tick Tick Boomʼ as well as three other tracks including the current single ‘#Shanghaiʼ featuring First Nations rapper Deya and upcoming singles ‘Dominoes,ʼ performed in Mandarin and ‘GODzilla,ʼ performed in Cantonese. Since itʼs release, ʼ#Shanghaiʼ has been picked up by radio stations across Canada and premiered on the National Aboriginal Music Countdown on Saturday, January 28, 2017. The video for ‘Dominoesʼ is currently in production in Nanning, China where it will also be filmed and released in March of 2017. The EP is the first project released on Soulʼs new label imprint nu<ulture records. ‘Liu Liu Liuʼ will be followed up by live appearances and visuals for each track off of the project.

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