Native Realities is thrilled to announce the signing of Jeffrey Veregge (Marvel’s Red Wolf) to his first solo comic book run, Demicon. DemiCon is the story of Jason Blackheart, a charming S’Klallam escape artist and con man who finds that destiny’s plan for his life means he must embrace both his heritage and who his proper place in the world if he is to survive. A reluctant hero in a steampunk world filled with myth, magic and lore that seems hellbent on destroying him.

Veregge Signs With Native Realities

This is Veregge’s first solo comic book run after finding success doing cover illustrations for Marvel and IDW, among others, in his signature north coast Indigenous style. Veregge is excited about the opportunity to share his own story that he has been working on for years, “Being able to not only create heroes and villains, but to test and put into use the ideas that I have always felt make the hero’s journey so interesting. It feels like I just went from pitching in the bullpen to become part of the starting rotation in the Major Leagues.”

The hero of Demicon, BlackheartNative Realities was Veregge’s first choice as a publisher and speaks to the Indigenous-centric representations the on which the company has built its reputation.  Says Veregge, “I get to make a book with a company that wants to broaden its readership and inspire Native comic fans across the country, providing me an amazing platform to share with the world my very first superhero story. It is a fitting and proper start to something I hope becomes much bigger, and inspires more of the same from other creatives across Indian Country.”  Veregge was also a featured guest at the first ever Indigenous Comic Con this past November, which is also hosted by Native Realities.

In signing Veregge, Native Realities hopes to bring a dynamic vision to their current offerings.  Veregge himself hopes that  readers will “see a Native American lead that breaks the mold from so many of the stereotypes we often see in the entertainment industry.”

DemiCon #1 will be on sale April 15 online at and in stores around the country. For more information contact