“The world ended. Sh*t’s about to get real.
Welcome to the Badlands!”

outsider_coverNEW3Jay Odjick wastes no time before thrusting you into the violent and post-apocalyptic world that is the setting for his new graphic novel, The Outsider.

The first glimpse of this world begins with the mysterious “Outsider” walking alone along the ruined and barren highways now known as the “Badlands”. You are not given an intricate back story to how civilization fell or how humanity survived. You only learn that it did and that those who inhabit this world are “left trying to survive in what’s left of it”.

True to its claims, this 12 page preview of The Outsider is “pure dynamite”! It marks the beginning of a new Indigenous lead character in a comic series and the return of Jay Odjick to the comic world.

For the last few years, Jay has been committed to the continuing success of his first graphic novel, KAGAGI: The Raven, now an animated series that airs on APTN and FNX. Serving as the executive producer, lead writer and designer for the animated adaptation has left little time for Jay to focus on anything else as the animated series is a BEAST of an undertaking. There are three versions of KAGAGI; one in English, one in Algonquin, and the broadcast version which is English with 20% Algonquin dialogue with subtitles.

“Two or three years of TV takes a little out of you”, writes Odjick.  “There are a lot of cooks in those kitchens and while I’m proud of and believe in the TV series, which is aimed at teenagers…I needed to get back to what I love. Head shots and cuss words, baby!”

But The Outsider isn’t just gratuitous violence and gore for the sake of gratuitous violence and gore.

“There’s a story to tell here, that harkens back to classic westerns, and stuff like The Last of Us, Stakeland, The Walking Dead, and all that other post-apocalyptic fun shit you love”.

The Outsider OGN will be out later this year. Until then, get your first look by downloading the free digital copy of the preview issue that includes a behind the scenes look at Jay’s inspiration for The Outsider as well as cover art, character sketches and more.

For more information on Jay Odjick, visit http://kagagi.squarespace.com/

Follow him online:

Twitter: @jayodjick

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jayodjickofficial

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Johnnie Jae is of the Otoe-Missouria and Choctaw tribes of Oklahoma. She is the managing partner of Native Max Magazine, founder of A Tribe Called Geek, and contributor to Native News Online. She is the manager and producer for the Success Native Style Radio Network, where she hosts the Indigenous Flame and A Tribe Called Geek radio shows. She is also a founding board member of Not Your Mascots. Known as the "Brown Ball of Fury," Jae seamlessly shifts from humor and pop culture to advocacy and digital media, which has made her a much-sought after speaker and commentator. Her work has been discussed in many media outlets, such as Indian Country Today, ATPN, CBC, USA Today, BBC, Global Post, Women’s E-News, Takepart.com and Upworthy. She has been a guest on several radio shows, including Native America Calling, Native Trailblazers, BBC World Have Your Say and ICI Radio.

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